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Compliance and Strategy

As a responsible employer, you are aware that your compliance requirements do not end with your foreign worker obtaining a work permit.

But, do you know where they do end?

We can assist you in implementing policies across your organization that will ensure you are in compliance with your obligations, and are not learning of past compliance violations at the time of an inspection. Consequences of violations could be in the form of warnings, administrative monetary penalties, a ban from hiring foreign workers going forward, revocation of previously issued LMIAs, and publication of the company’s name and address on IRCC’s public website.

  • Employer Portal and Online Offers of Employment

    Employers must submit an online offer of employment through their online account with IRCC, in support of most LMIA exempt work permit applications. These online offers outline the terms and conditions of employment and are reviewed by IRCC in the event of a compliance inspection.

    We can assist you in setting up your portal account, and in submitting all online offers of employment, protecting your organization from common pitfalls in submitting these online offers.

  • Compliance Inspections

    Employers have a positive obligation to ensure that employment conditions approved in your LMIA or on the online offer of employment application submitted are adhered to. Employers must also keep evidence of compliance for a prescribed period after the issuance of a positive LMIA or work permit. In the event that ESDC or IRCC advises you that a compliance inspection will be conducted, don’t panic! Inspections are quite common.

    We will be happy to assist you in preparing a response to IRCC or ESDC.

  • Global Talent Stream LMIAs and Labour Market Benefits Plans

    Assessments issued under the Global Talent Stream have an additional compliance component with respect to the approved Labour Market Benefits Plan .

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